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Lanny Forrester

Lanny Forrester – Sports fan & Sportsman

Company News Engine - Lanny Forrester

Lanny Forrester enjoys nothing better than a good Chicago Bears game, and during the season of fall there’s no place he’d rather be than out at Soldier Field watching a ball game. When he can’t watch a game live or on television, he keeps tabs of the scores and statistics of the Bears and other teams in the NFL. But don’t be fooled: Lanny Forrester is also an avid sportsman in his own right. During weekends, if the weather is good you can often find him on the golf course or driving ranges, practicing shots and lowering his handicap.


Lanny Forrester appreciates golf’s combination of relaxation and athletic rigor. A sport that rewards precision and strength, golf is also simply a nice way to wind down after a long week and socialize. To improve his game, Lanny Forrester sometimes picks up golfing books from the library or discusses strategies with other golf enthusiasts. He enjoys both 9-hole and 18-hole golf courses, and enjoys the challenge of exploring a new course.


Lanny Forrester also has a passion for motorcycling. He enjoys long trips down the highways of America’s heartland, and has travelled through the South, Midwest, and West several times in the past ten years. He enjoys not only exploring the range of American landscapes but also stopping along the way to meet new people and to uncover the hidden gems found off the beaten track.


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